Today I woke up and took W for a walk until she fell asleep. She had a cute smile and giggled a little as she snoozed... I wonder what she was dreaming of. Raspberries perhaps? (she's been eating some recently)

After lunch L and I went to Pirate's Cove for mini golf. There we met C M and their babysitter. She said she's an actress and will be moving from Detroit to Brooklyn soon. I got a sky blue golf ball. Later in the afternoon M L W and I went for a walk to a beach I haven't been to before. On our way there we passed a house that had a faux topiary dog posed as if it were peeing placed next to a fountain with water from the spring. L filled up a cup in the fountain and drank from it.

When we got to the beach there were many amazing rocks. M spotted a butterfly that got wet from being blown into the water and I managed to scoop it up just in time before the tide swept it away.

I placed it in a spot near some trees where it could dry its wings without being blown away

From the beach we went to the bluff and took a trail down into the woods and saw another fountain (much larger).

Walking home L fell off his bike so M carried him home and I carried W, who fell asleep in my arms. At dinner J L and I watched Wall-E halfway through. Now I'm doing laundry and sitting at my desk listening to the hum of the baby monitor.